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LED Signs and Lighting - Avoid Cheap Imitations

digital led signs


LEDs happen to be a revolution in lighting and signage. They last longer, consume even less electricity and customarily would be the lighting solution of the future. However a success story always attracts imitations and nowadays we can find many cheap versions of LED bulbs and signs that do not perform up to the LED industry standards. Follow this advice for what to look for when you're building a new LED purchase.

The buying price of LEDs is here down considerably over the last few years, fat loss investment went into improving technology and much more people these days are using them. But, in case you are tempted by discount prices while on an LED product regardless of the sort, beware. High quality LEDs should cost more than the usual conventional fluorescent product. They pay for themselves several times over in saved electricity and maintenance costs. Cheap imitations might cost less, nonetheless they don't last as long so you lose money for the provide the final.

There are many big names in LED lighting technology who have a title to reside as much as for producing quality LED products. If uncertain stick with these recognised names and prevent unknown brands.

Test the item 
Read the sign or light you are buying, to be sure that it is good quality. Some general pointers that demonstrate a high quality LED product, whether indicative or perhaps a light bulb, are as follows:

The lighting will happen on instantly right after the switch is pushed.
There shouldn't be flickering
The sunlight, especially in LED signs, needs to be distributed evenly within the whole area of the sign, with no dark shadows or bright hotspots.
Light output should remain constant with time.
LED Lights and signs are available in different colours, but the colours should always be and also clear.
The LED product should not always consume power if it is powered down.
Request a warranty 
Most high quality LED products include a warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials, which could vary from 12 months up to a decade regarding some LED light bulb manufacturers.

In the matter of LED signs in most cases the lighting modules themselves, that are covered by the warranty, not the full sign. Because of this the modules will probably be replaced when they are discovered to be faulty inside time frame per the warranty.

Ensure you buy top quality LED products and you will probably discover that you save money in energy costs several times in the initial final cost.

Tec-Know Signage specialises in supplying signs wholesale for the Australian market and neighbouring countries.

Take a look at their LED lightboxes, LED signs, neon signs, display signs, banner stands, along with all the tools, hardware and electrical components to make the graphic producer's work easier, faster and safer.

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Post by ledsigns964 (2016-07-25 09:39)

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